Vaishnavi, 27, is a professional working and living in Singapore. Back home in Mangalore, India, her brother, Vaibhav, who is 29, is about to get married in a months’ time. In the weeks leading up to the marriage, she is constantly on the call with wedding decorators, florists, photographers, dress designers, caterers, trying to take the burden of managing the marriage ceremony off her parents and to make sure that the whole marriage ceremony which has almost half a dozen events goes without any hiccups.

Two weeks before the marriage, she receives a call from his brother. He is confused what should he wear for a pre-wedding photoshoot. He wants to make it special and unlike any run of the mill photoshoot. She is undecided on how to go about it, and just as any person would do in such a situation, using search engines to look for ideas. While browsing she comes across the idea of custom designed t-shirts. Since most of the t-shirts designs are common she wonders if it possible to have something designed specifically for the occasion, just like other things with a wedding. What’s more she could have several t-shirts for each member of the family with a different quote for each t-shirt, to be worn during days leading upto the marriage. But who could do anything like this, both create a design, print it on a t-shirt, and deliver it within 2 weeks.

A combination of keywords and search engines leads her to us.

Paras, 36, is motorbike enthusiast. In his free time, he goes to work at a 10 to 6 job, which pays for his enthusiasm that usually keeps him busy. He and his friends of long also love to travel on the bikes they love. This full time hobby has taken them from the heights of the Himalayas to the beaches of southern tip of the sub-continent. They even have a now famous biker club based in their home city of Delhi.

This year would mark as completion of 10th years of the club. The founding friends plan an event, which includes all of the 60 odd members of the club. The dates are decided, nuances glanced over, contingencies planned. The ensemble of almost 50 bikers, will cover North Indian Himalayas in a 2 week period.

Everything looks great, except a minor detail that founders can’t seem to shrug off.

How would people know, the 50 bikers are from which club. The name of the clan would still be obscure, and no one will know the reason why, 50 men and women were traversing the beaten roads. To the onlooker there will not be an apparent common thread that binds these bikers together.

A suggestion comes in from one of the members of the club. Why not pool some money together for a pair of full sleeve t-shirts for each biker. The t-shirts could have a custom designed message printed on them – like a motto or a tagline. Not only would the full-sleeves t-shirts offer better protection against the elements, everyone wearing the same design would make the group look as a single cohesive unit. Then the question arose, who would create a design what stands out and looks unique. And then who would print it on 100 t-shirts. And then those t-shirts need to be full sleeves. With little design experience and unwilling to run between designer, t-shirt manufacturer and printer, the founders decided, it was time for technology.

The power of search engine gods was unleashed, who revealed to them, that they need not run around, and pointed these adventurous souls to Dressify.

Both Vaishnavi and Paras contacted us and provided the necessary details required for creating a Custom Design for t-shirts. Over the next 48 hours, we created a design keeping in mind their requirements. Both loved the designs at the first Draft itself, and we started the print process. In less than 2 weeks, both Vaishnavi & Paras had the t-shirts delivered at their doorsteps.

These are 2 stories from several uncountable ones where completely different events, in entirely different parts of the country, were enriched and made more special by our Design Services. It makes us immensely joyful to be a part of special moments of our special customers, and knowing that we have made those moments even more special for them.

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