A couple of months ago, we reintroduced the Design your Own section on the website. Here is the link, in case you somehow missed it.

While the last time around  the customisation options were available for Men and Women Half-Sleeves t-shirts only, this time you can create your own half-sleeves tees, full-sleeve tees in addition to the Kids t-shirts including onesies for infants, so now you customize for the whole family in one go. And we almost missed out mentioning racerback tank-tops. We expect to add more products in coming months.

The t-shirt designing tool is being constantly updated with the new features. Compared to the previous tool which was Flash based and hence outdated, the new designer is more in line with the current web standards. You can use the designer to create your t-shirts/tank-tops through your desktop browser, on your mobile, or on your tablet.

Why Design your Own? Creativity supports Responsibility.

We get asked a lot that why would anyone put in the effort of designing when pre-made branded(or non-branded) merchandise is readily available anywhere you shop.

You don’t have to:

If you’re okay with wearing someone else’s name on your t-shirt.

Or, if you’re okay with wearing the name of a City/State of another country you have nothing to do with.

Or, if you’re okay in feeling hip while your shirt says ”Superwet” on the front.(You get the reference. What does it mean anyway.)

Or, if you’re okay with wearing something manufactured by using child labor working under horrible conditions in a poor country like Bangladesh.

Or, if you’re okay paying a huge amount of money for a lower quality product.

Or, if you’re okay with purchasing counterfeits, which means you’re buying through a channel which stole someone else’s intellectual property.

Or, if you’re okay with all of the stuff written above.

We could list some more, but these should drive the point home.Compared to above, when you Design and purchase through Dressify:

You wear your own message, or even name. (2019, who would have thought this was possible!)

You can wear the name of your OWN Country, State or City.

Well, you avoid being Superwet(or the reverse of it), any of which should be embarrassing IMO, but it has turned into a trend these days.

If you support ethical manufacturing which considers the environment and stands against child labour.

What you design is owned by you alone. It is your intellectual property.

You get a much better-quality product, at a fair and much lower price.

We think these are good enough reasons why custom apparel beats branded any given day. Any single point from above, on its own, it makes a compelling reason on why you should customize your apparel. And we’ve given you 10 reasons on why you should.

Did we ever mention that a customized product would make a far better gift than an ordinary run of the mill product? No. Well now we did.

So in case you had been wondering why buy custom apparel at all, now you know.

Thanks for reading. Create Responsibly.

You may address your comments, suggestions, criticism to care@dressify.in