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Racerback Tank Tops

Racerback tank tops, also sometimes incorrectly called as Razerback by some has an interesting history. The first tank tops were worn by female swimmers in the Olympics in 1920s. What we call a swimming pool today, used to be called a swimming "tank" back then. Hence a "top" meant for wearing in the "tank" was named as tank top. Racerbacks are specifically the tanks with a T cut at the back allowing for a greater arm movement in sports and athletics. From their introduction in the early 1900s, the racerback tank tops have had their fair share of limelight. From Sarah Connor in Terminator 2, to Lara Croft have donned the racerback. Even male characters such as Stallone in Rambo 2 to Vin Diesel in FF series have worn one. The Racerbacks have appeared too many times in the pop-culture to list here, and mostly as an essential part of the tough guy/girl personality. Such is the practical utility of the tank that the vest worne by Men in India is direct descendant of the Racerback Tank. But we'll stick to selling these awesome tank to ladies, for now. Be sure to check for any deals or coupons before you place the order for Racerback tank tops for women online at Drsfy.com.
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